The Customer Data Stack

Does your data sit in a unified platform and provide a single customer view? Can you automatically analyse it to spot trends and gain insights? Can you activate customer engagement across multiple channels to delivering smarter, more personalised experiences? Join Mixpanel, Segment, Servian and our guest speakers as we discuss the modern customer data stack in this webinar.

  • Discover how MYOB reduced customer churn and increased conversion and retention rates by using a customer data platform.
  • Hear from Domain why product teams need to understand how customers use their product, and turn those insights into product improvements. Understand how these insights can be leveraged by other functional teams to help drive customer engagement and conversions.
  • Mike Salway (164 x 164)
    Mike Salway Principal Product Manager Domain
  • katie merry (164x164)
    Katie Merry Product Manager MYOB