Webinar Product Analytics In The Mobile Marketing Tech Stack - Mixpanel

Power up your mobile marketing strategy with product analytics

Wednesday, 22 April | 11:00 CEST

With mobile app usage being more volatile than ever and users becoming increasingly difficult to engage, convert and retain, flying blind is no longer an option when it comes to understanding user behaviour.

Integrating a product analytics tool to your current setup is a great addition to drive a more powerful mobile marketing strategy, but getting it right can feel daunting.​ What tools should you be evaluating? What questions should you be asking?​

​We’ve teamed up with ​Customlytics to ​answer these questions—and more—so that you can fuel a successful mobile app strategy​ that’s right for your product​.

Join the webinar to find out more about:

  • The benefits of understanding user behaviour throughout your mobile marketing strategy
  • Best practices for integrating product analytics to your mobile marketing tech stack 
  • Lessons learnt from a real product analytics user
  • Sophie Halliot
    Sophie Halliot CMO Bankin
  • Christian E
    Christian Eckhardt CEO & Co-Founder Customlytics