Innovating faster with Mixpanel

Mixpanel for Analytics and Data Science Teams

Save time and answer questions faster when Mixpanel calculates key metrics like retention or automates correlation analysis.  Empower the teams you support with high-quality data, and for more custom analysis, send your data to a data warehouse or SQL tool, we’ll keep it in sync.

Why data analysts and scientists choose Mixpanel

95% of queries returned in under two seconds
79% use Mixpanel to make faster decisions
298% return on investment vs internal analytics solutions

How Analytics and Data Science teams use Mixpanel

Business Analysts

Define and analyze key business metrics for your company

  • Calculate the lifetime value for different users or accounts & quickly understand how tests are performing
  • Define engagement metrics for the business, like daily active users and retention, and make them available for self-serve analysis
  • Easily send event stream data into your data warehouse for further analysis
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Data Scientists

Surface the root cause behind each change your metrics

  • Send Mixpanel user engagement data to your warehouse, data stores, personalization engine, or other destinations—quickly and easily
  • Run correlation and retention analysis without having to do the math
  • Build complex reports and dashboards to help teams self-serve answers
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What will your data teach you?

Understand your users better.

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