Consumer Tech

Drive sales and
boost retention


40% of Fortune 500 consumer tech companies use Mixpanel and see a:

  • 24%avg
    increase in engagement
  • 22%avg
    increase in new user conversions
  • 21%avg
    lift in user retention

Increase your conversion rate

Whether you want to drive more account creations or completed purchases, see how users perform in your funnel and where they drop off. Use these insights to make improvements that optimize your conversion rates.

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Boost retention

Identify the behaviors that lead to users being more retained, like opening the app four times in a week or interacting with a push notification. Promote those behaviors throughout your website or mobile app to keep users around.


Validate product direction

Measure the impact of your updates and feature releases on user behavior and understand if your product is headed in the right direction.

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Get alerts

Whether it’s a spike in web traffic due to a mention in the press, or a dip in account creations caused by a server outage, get notified when your core metrics change so you can act right away.


Keep users engaged

Guide users through the onboarding process or drive awareness of new features with targeted messages across mobile and web. Set granular targeting criteria, like reading a blog post or not completing account preferences, so each message is timely and relevant.

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30% increase web engagement
It definitely allows non-technical people to be more independent. With just a few clicks, I share top-line metrics within my entire organization. It’s great to be able to monitor trends of your top KPIs all in one view—it saves us a lot of time & effort from having to write complicated queries. Anita Fong, Digital Marketing clorox-logo
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10X year on year user growth
Being able to see the whole user lifecycle, and then go back and determine which campaign attracted them, allows you to slowly build a narrative around every type of user. Knowing we appeal to anyone with two or more email accounts was huge for us in driving growth. Nadia Tatlow, General Manager shift-logo
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400% increase in retention
Everything we do–the company’s goals, the product’s goals–it’s all measurable. All the features we release have metrics we expect them to impact. The most important element of that is that we choose problems we want to solve and the impact we want it to have based on statistical analysis. Tim MacGougan, VP of Product hinge-logo
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Your product’s future could be hiding in your data

Better understand your users with Mixpanel.