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Mixpanel offers the most sophisticated,
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Understand your conversion rates and how they vary by segment

Track your users’ actions at every step of the funnel to see who isn’t converting and why. Uncover top paths to key user actions to help improve conversion rates.

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Know why some users convert and others don’t

Discover high and low performing user segments and compare their paths to conversion or drop off.

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Find and engage users who affect conversion rates

Analyze sudden conversion changes and get on-demand insights on which users are affecting that change. Then re-engage them with targeted messages within Mixpanel or through our partners.

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Customer spotlight

Increasing conversions by 58%

After noticing that users weren’t converting after downloading its app, Gekko turned to Mixpanel. The accounting platform discovered that users dropped off on the personal details page when setting up an account. The team quickly redesigned the page, then A/B tested the new design against the old—improving signups with the new design by 58%.

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