What customers say
“Using Mixpanel to instrument new workflows, we’ve made significant improvements to multiple user flows. In one instance, we ended up doubling the conversion of new users to first-time bill payers.”

Director   Product Management, Intuit

Analytics for every mile of your roadmap

Where is the most value in your product suite?

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Get started in minutes

Track actions on mobile and web, and securely merge user data with internal customer IDs—all with minimal code. Implementing and making changes on any platform takes minutes or hours, not weeks and months.

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Powerful reporting

Every team in your organization, from executive to data analyst, can effortlessly build, view, and save custom reports. Get instant answers to questions about anything, from customer retention to payment conversions.

Predict the future

Mixpanel’s machine learning algorithms work around the clock, so you never miss a meaningful change in your metrics. Our platform detects anomalies in your data and sends timely alerts, meaning you can catch mistakes before your customers do.

Experiment to find the right customer experience

Fast, data-driven decisions can be the difference between a lifelong customer and a missed opportunity. By using A/B tests and notifications to optimize the customer journey, you can improve stickiness and drive up retention.