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Prove your impact

With self-serve impact analysis, learn if your launches, campaigns, or tests deliver results.

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Companies grow by continuously iterating on products, launching new ones, and running campaigns. But it’s not always easy to see if those efforts influence customer behaviors. With Mixpanel impact analysis, get the confidence to know whether or not your efforts moved the needle.


Understand the impact of your launches

See how new features drive movement in your product KPIs—all without bothering your data science team. Account for external factors that might tarnish your analysis, and get confidence ratings to know whether or not your efforts caused the impact.

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Identify which experiments are worth continuing

Learn if an experiment is causing positive changes in KPIs across any of your dashboard reports—all in one place in seconds. Analyze multiple variant groups, compare lift and delta over time, and confirm the validity of the results to see which experiments are worth continuing.

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Get reliable results with propensity matching

Bring the best of data science to your everyday analysis. Get started with the first and only out-of-the-box causal inference reporting to remove self-selection bias.

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