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Mixpanel for Marketing Teams

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Why marketers choose Mixpanel

298% return on investment
21% improved user engagement
+40 billion messages sent every year

How teams use Mixpanel

Growth Marketers

Measure, report on, & improve your marketing KPIs

  • Learn which channels are most effective at acquiring high LTV customers
  • Analyze how different experiments like a new homepage UX impacts conversion and engagement
  • Get notified when KPIs change unexpectedly so you can act quickly
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Lifecycle Marketers

Increase customer loyalty with targeted campaigns

  • Learn how users complete onboarding and run A/B tests to onboard more users successfully
  • Identify unengaged users and target them with a re-engagement campaign before they churn
  • Increase ongoing engagement by sending users relevant, personalized content based on their specific likes and tracked actions
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Product Marketers

Get real-time data on user behaviors to better drive awareness and adoption

  • Understand how, and if, customers are adopting new features
  • Measure the impact of new product launches and pricing changes on specific KPIs
  • See which parts of your website and which pieces of content customers find most engaging
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What will your data teach you?

Understand your users better.

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