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Build an experience your customers love


7 of the top 10 Fortune 500 media & entertainment companies use Mixpanel, and see a…

  • 22%avg
    increase in engagement
  • 30%avg
    visitor to viewer conversion
  • 23%avg
    digital retention and loyalty

Same budget. Higher engagement rates.

Find out where your content is being discovered and whether it’s happening on mobile or web. Then use those insights to increase your engagement rates.


Increase your customer base

With predictive analytics, see which customers are less likely to complete the signup process on their own. Then target them with timely, relevant messages and offers to get them to complete the process.

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Keep your customers happy

Get information on what behaviors customers who retain perform (ex. those who watch House of Cards or binge-watch reality TV shows retain 10 weeks later). Then use those insights to influence what content you promote or who you target.


Prove the ROI of your advertisements

Test content, placement, and ad frequency to optimize conversions without sacrificing engagement. Visualize how a customer interacts with ads and analyze the data alongside other sources through our data warehouse pipeline. Then easily share detailed results of your findings with advertisers.

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700% increase in sign-ups
With Mixpanel, it doesn’t take us a month to spot and solve a problem. If we see a bug or a fraudulent user we can resolve that issue right away, saving us time and thousands of dollars a month. Vural Cifci, Vice President of Digital Marketing starz@2x
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15% growth in paid users
Mixpanel is one of our key tools because it gives us focus and the ability to dial in on the metrics and initiatives that can make the biggest impact on our business Carina Schwarzmueller, Business Intelligence Manager tvspielfilm_logo
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2X increase in reader sessions
We can provide advertisers with numbers and analytics from Mixpanel to demonstrate the return on investment. Then, once they find out what articles people are spending the most time reading, they can keep producing the most engaging types of content. Dan Fitek, Senior User Experience Designer GTxcel-Logo
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Your product’s future could be hiding in your data

Better understand your users with Mixpanel.