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Decipher product usage trends

Learn what users do, and why they do it

Advanced product analytics to understand your user experience and prioritize the right features.

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Stuck on a BI dashboard or on analyzing click data with Google Analytics?

Mixpanel gives you the in-depth analytics power you’re craving right at your fingertips, so you can go much deeper and get answers faster—no SQL necessary. Understand how your product is used and improve your user experience with product analytics.


Measure product and feature usage

See how often users do specific actions or use specific features, so you and your team can prioritize with confidence. Calculate your core metrics and transform your data on the fly to get the answers you need—all without bothering your data team.

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Analyze user journeys and locate points of friction

Inspect how users navigate through your product to find what causes friction. See what differentiates power users from the rest, identify the features that users love most, and find opportunities to improve your user experience.

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Identify power users, or users likely to churn

Discover power users of your product or specific features and see what makes them tick. Surface users that are more likely to convert, retain, or churn so you can engage them on time and maximize their lifetime value.

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Customer spotlight

Boosting engagement for 1 billion users

Viber turned to Mixpanel to understand how users interact with its messaging app and to learn the different ways users engage that they hadn’t considered before. Viber used Mixpanel to track, test, and measure how different feature changes impact product usage. The team then used these insights to promote the right features and increased sharing, chats, and messaging for its users by 15%.

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