Retail and eCommerce

Increase online purchases


50% of Fortune 100 eCommerce companies use Mixpanel and see a:

  • 30%avg
    improved engagement rate
  • 8%avg
    increase in new user conversions
  • 24%avg
    lift in user retention

Increase conversion to sales

Identify the tipping point of engagement that makes for an optimal conversion flow, like saving billing details or viewing recommended products, so you know which parts of your app or site to nudge more users towards.

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Turn shoppers into loyal customers

Learn what keeps users coming back, whether it’s signing up for a rewards account or downloading the mobile app. Then promote the behaviors or product features that drive customer loyalty.


Nudge users to convert

Create targeted, cross-channel campaigns that show users personalized content based on their previous purchases or includes offers for their favorite brands. Measure how those campaigns directly impact your KPIs.

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Learn how users navigate your website

Understand where there’s room to optimize your website by visualizing where users go when they land on your homepage or what they do after searching for an item. Then dissect and drill into the data deeper by device, browser, location, or anything else.

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10% increase in paying subscribers
With Mixpanel, we keep ourselves honest on how people really use the app. When we find something surprising, we dig deeper into the reports to follow their user journey. Grant Hosford, CEO & Co-founder codespark-logo
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Your product’s future could be hiding in your data

Better understand your users with Mixpanel.