What customers say
“Mixpanel enables DocuSign to be successful because it enables our customers to be successful. What started as a need for simple metrics turned into custom product metrics for over 100 different stakeholders across the company.”

Drew Ashlock   Product Manager, DocuSign

Analytics for every mile of your roadmap

Which customers are ripe to upgrade and which could churn?

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Get started in minutes

Automatically collect everything and retroactively track anything on the web—all without a developer. Mixpanel’s cross-platform implementation is easy to update on a regular basis.

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Powerful reporting

Everyone in your organization, from executives to data analysts, can effortlessly build, visualize, and save custom reports. Get instant answers to any question, from which segments have the highest retention to which behaviors determine the most usage.

Predict the future

With so much data coming in from customers every day, it’s hard to know who to focus on. Mixpanel’s machine learning tools help you target your efforts by showing you which customers are ripe to upgrade and which ones are thinking about leaving.

Experiment to find the right product experience

Knowing what to build when is the difference between rocketship growth and a business that can’t extinguish churn. With Mixpanel’s built-in experimentation tools like mobile A/B testing and notifications, you can quickly test hypotheses to improve stickiness and drive up retention.