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Enhance your customer experience

Telco companies see a: 50% of Fortune 50 Telecommunications companies companies use Mixpanel and see a:

  • 25%avg
    increase in engagement
  • 15%avg
    increase in conversion rates
  • 20%avg
    increase in user retention

Acquire and upsell
high-value customers

Understand which channels, referrers, or segments convert best, and use these insights to optimize your marketing and acquisition strategy to acquire more valuable users.

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Surface advanced insights

Track activity by individual, family plan, or device to answer more advanced questions about your users and surface new insights about how they interact with your products. Use that insight to see trends, refine your messaging, or adjust your product strategy.


Drive customer loyalty

Spot the behaviors consistent among your most highly retained users, whether its starting a group chat, enabling video calling, or enrolling in a business plan. Promote those behaviors throughout the user experience to create more loyal customers.


Create a seamless
user experience

Find the parts of the user experience that cause frustration, like a bug preventing Android users to activate a new phone or an increase in billing-related support tickets following an app release. Pinpoint the root cause of the problem, so you know how to improve the user experience.

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30% increase in web engagement
Mixpanel helps us all answer questions quickly so we understand user behavior and identify trends. It empowers us all to make more informed decisions, and simply move so much faster. Oz Radiano, Senior Product Manager logo-i-viber-bw
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Your product’s future could be hiding in your data

Better understand your users with Mixpanel.