Convert and engage more customers


30% of Fortune 100 Travel companies use Mixpanel and see a:

  • 90%avg
    more confident making decisions
  • 21%avg
    improved user engagement
  • 298%avg
    ROI vs internal analytics solutions

Boost traffic with the same budget

Fine-tune your acquisition campaigns by seeing which channels and campaigns are most effective at driving users to complete bookings. Use that insight to reallocate funds and prioritize the right kinds of campaigns.


Send targeted messages

Nudge users to take an action with targeted messages. Get them to leave a review or share booking details with fellow travelers based on the actions they’ve taken. Then measure how each message impacts your goals.

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Keep customers coming back

Learn what behaviors keep customers retained (ie. travelers who reserve entire homes are more likely to make another reservation within two months). Then use those insights to influence what behaviors you promote or who you target.


Create a seamless user experience

Identify the reasons users aren’t converting by visualizing where users go when they drop off—like a bug in the mobile app or a signup flow with too many steps. Drill down by cohort, device, or any other segment, so you know exactly where the issues start.

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30% increase in retention
I don’t think we’d be able to do what we do without Mixpanel. We now completely bake user analytics into any new product initiative we put out there. Cristina Avila, Growth Manager logo-i-travelrepublic-bw
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7% increase in booking rates
It’s not just for marketing use cases, Mixpanel allows us to better understand our different types of users. Thanks to the cohort functionality, we can identify and tackle key issues in the product. Cristina Avila, Growth Manager Skyscanner_stacked logo
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100% increase in onboarding completion
Not a day goes by that we don’t open Mixpanel. We like to say we’re data-driven, but really we’re data-informed. We’re driven by the company's goals, but data helps us achieve these larger goals. When we’re making decisions, Mixpanel verifies that the path we’re taking is the right one. Dor Regev, Senior Product Manager gett-logo
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Your product’s future could be hiding in your data

Better understand your users with Mixpanel.