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The world’s most successful companies use Mixpanel to deeply understand use behavior and empower their teams to make smarter, faster decisions.

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Answer complex questions in seconds. Quickly and easily see what users are doing, where they’re falling off, and how often they’re coming back.

Decode user behavior

Easily understand how groups of users flow through your product and differ in terms of behavior, retention, churn, and more.

Make informed decisions

Act on behavioral insights through Mixpanel or your preferred 3rd-party tools. Automatically trigger messages, A/B tests, and personalization, then measure the downstream results.

“Thanks to Mixpanel, we saw an average 30% increase in retention with our new landing pages, and we’re now exact in how we measure our success and iterate upon our products.”

Andy Nyberg Product Insight Manager, Travel Republic

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Create products and experiences people love

Answer questions you didn’t even know to ask flexible, ad-hoc analysis, as well as automatic alerts about interesting user groups, trends, and anomalous activity.


Access key metric guidance and industry benchmarking to see how your performance in conversion, retention, and more stacks up against peers—so you can improve.

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Give every team, from product to marketing to support, the ability to save time and be more effective at their jobs by accessing and acting on data quickly.

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What you can do with Mixpanel

Build the plan that's right for your business

Learn how Mixpanel can help you understand how users engage with your products, experiences, and campaigns so you can make them better.

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