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Why choose mixpanel

Analytics or engagement?

Get a solution that can do both. Mixpanel is the only data analytics product that lets you track data and take action from your metrics—all in one place.

As the inventor of user-based analytics, we’ve helped some of the world’s most influential startups and businesses innovate and grow.
Cohorts over time

Track your most sophisticated metrics

Define complex cohorts—such as frequency of a key action within a specific time period—then visualize the exact size of that cohort at any point in time. (ex: define a power user as someone who orders food from your app three times in seven days)

user Flows

See the complete customer journey

Track the entire user journey, no matter how many steps, to compare paths by platform or cohorts so you can make more precise product decisions.


Find anomalies in your metrics

With advanced science models that predict user actions, you can track spikes and dips in your metrics and find out what and who is driving the sudden movement.


Influence behaviors across platforms

Stop waiting on batch exports or spending time rebuilding cohorts in a separate tool. Message the same cohorts you analyze across any of the devices they use.


As the most awarded analytics company for 2019, see other benefits you get with Mixpanel.

People at Skyscanner use Mixpanel to ask ‘why, why, why’ until they understand the root cause of every trend and customer interaction. Cristina Avila Growth Manager
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