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European data residency for Mixpanel

Process, protect, and store user data in Europe using Mixpanel at no additional cost.


Process and store your customers' personal data in Europe

Comply with European data protection regulations and requirements while crafting better user experiences. Mixpanel is the only major product analytics platform that offers a European data residency program to ensure your data remains in the EU.

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GDPR and global compliance

Mixpanel’s data residency offering helps ensure that information can be collected, processed, and stored in a way that meets European data transfer rules—today and in the future. And it’s free.

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Focused on privacy

Mixpanel is engineered to respect privacy. Give customers greater peace of mind that their data is protected with Mixpanel’s secure software development practices, SOC 2 Type II certified cloud infrastructure, advanced encryption, and anonymous tracking options.

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Analytics without restrictions

Understand the entire user journey and how your product gets used with all the power of Mixpanel.

Mixpanel’s EU Data Residency Program offers complete feature parity and is available at no extra cost to customers.

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Our EU Data Residency Program is available for free across all plans.
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Q. What is data transfer under GDPR?
A. The GDPR imposes limits on transferring personal data from residents of an EU member country to another country. In general, those limits do not apply if the other country has been deemed to offer “adequate” privacy protections, or if another legal protection (like Standard Contractual Clauses) are in place. Since the United States does not have adequate privacy protections, Mixpanel relies on Standard Contractual Clauses for “data transfers.” 

Q. How long can personal data be stored?
A. Personal data should only be stored as long it remains necessary for the purpose for which it is collected.  

Q. Can you transfer data outside the EU?
A. Yes. Although the GDPR limits the transfer of personal data, it does not apply to data generally and it does not prohibit all transfers of personal data out Europe. Indeed, the GDPR includes mechanisms (such as Standard Contractual Clauses) for transferring personal data out of the EU.

Q. Does GDPR require data to be stored in EU?
A. No. The GDPR does not require personal data to be stored or processed in the EU, but it makes compliance with the GDPR easier if personal data is stored and processed in the EU. 

Q. Can EU data be stored in the US?
A. It depends. If Standard Contractual Clauses are in place and you have gotten appropriate assurances regarding the security of the processing, personal data can be stored in the United States. However, certain EU regulators have taken a harder line approach and advised companies against storing personal data in the United States. 

Q. What are standard contractual clauses GDPR?
A. Standard Contractual Clauses are contracts developed by the European Commission governing the transfer of personal data across national borders. They provide for a set of predetermined obligations and (in general) cannot be negotiated between the parties.


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