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With Mixpanel, simplify the way your teams collect and learn from your data.

Analyze user behavior, better.

Understand why users engage, convert, and retain across your sites, apps, and smart devices. Then use that data to grow your business.

10+ trillion

data points are ingested yearly

95% of queries

are returned under two seconds


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See how people interact with your product in real time

Mixpanel gives you detailed insight into how people interact with products. With constant feedback, your team can understand what features are most important, define and measure company metrics, and iterate continuously to create a product customers love.


Drive conversions and engagement. All in one place.

Track a customer’s behavior throughout the full lifecycle—from viewing a page, adding an item to their cart, entering billing details, completing purchases, and viewing an email confirmation. Then take action on those insights with targeted emails, in-product notifications, and relevant messaging to drive specific user behaviors.


Answer questions faster than ever before

With Mixpanel’s flexible reports, you can quickly calculate metrics like retention and conversion. Empower the teams you support with high-quality data, and for more custom analysis, send your data toa data warehouse or SQL tool and we’ll keep it in sync.

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