User Analytics Infrastructure

Rely on a platform that's scalable and easily integrates with your current stack

We built a custom database for storing and querying user behavior data. Designed to answer complex questions without SQL, it’s built for much deeper user analysis than what’s possible with a session-based analytics tool.

9 Trillion Data points a year

Send Mixpanel as much data as you’d like

Our customers send us 9 trillion data points a year, with some sending up to 95 billion per month. No matter how many products or users you have, there’s no need to sample your data and lose the ability to drill down to a single event or user.

95% of queries take less than 2 seconds

Analyze your latest data in seconds

Your user data is available to analyze in under a minute, and 95% of queries take less than 2 seconds, so you can answer your most complicated questions in real-time.

99.9% Ingestion and query uptime

Access all your data, whenever you need it

Mixpanel’s historic ingestion and query uptime is 99.9%, so you never have to worry about losing or waiting for data. We even offer additional service level agreements (SLAs) to ensure maximum reliability.


Keep your users’ data safe

We certify our service to ensure your data is secure. Mixpanel is compliant with: GDPR, SOC 2, ISO 27001 Data Center, and EU Privacy Shield.

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Send all of your Mixpanel data to your data warehouse easily with Data Warehouse Export
Data Pipelines

Export raw data for further analysis

Use our fully managed pipeline to send data to your data science destination of choice. We’ll clean, transform, and backfill the data for you, so it’s GDPR compliant and always up-to-date.

Understand how your users engage across devices with identity management
Identity Management

Get the complete picture of each user

When people use your product anonymously, from different platforms, and sign in and out of their account, it becomes complicated to track all that activity and associate it to the same, correct user, retroactively. Luckily, that’s what Mixpanel is built to handle, out of the box.

Send all of your Mixpanel data to your data warehouse easily with Data Warehouse Export
Flexible APIs

Easily manage the data coming into and out of Mixpanel

Connect Mixpanel to your data pipeline, and choose exactly what to send in for analysis. Use the Export API to export key reports to your own internal dashboard tools or other sources with ease, and use the Decide API to run and measure A/B tests through Mixpanel.

Turnkey integrations

Embed Mixpanel into any tech stack

Take advantage of 30+ integrations to get the full value out of user analytics. Bring data into Mixpanel for deeper analysis, or send it elsewhere to share the power of Mixpanel across your organization.

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