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See where you lose customers with funnels.

Use funnel analysis to increase conversions by showing where visitors get lost in any process.

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Improve retention.

See if changes to your product or marketing improves customer retention.

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Get to know your customers.

Tie data to your customers so you can see who they are and what they have done in your app.

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Keep your customers.

Automatically send email or push notifications to your customers and increase engagement.

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The most advanced way to communicate with your customers.

Broadcast important messages to your customers. Just upload an image, craft your message, and hit send. It's that simple.

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Experiment & surprise yourself with mobile a/b testing

A/B testing gives you the power to test your idea like a science experiment. Change the color of a button. Edit the marketing copy. If you’re really ambitious, change the velocity in your game.

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Just added analytics using @mixpanel - super simple! Most difficult part was deciding what to send as the properties!

7:02 AM - September 24, 2014

Customer Service done right. Send a bug to @mixpanel iOS App. 5 days later Im in beta program with the bug fixed! Very proper! Thx :-)

1:34 AM - February 05, 2016
Rafael Dorado

Can't imagine life without @mixpanel. The feeling of pushing a new feature and seeing it take off is really hard to describe

1:58 PM - March 13, 2015
Jean-Marc Skopek

Mixpanel announces a new prediction feature, I tested it, awesome as usual!

2:20 PM - November 17, 2015
François-G. Ribreau
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