The most advanced
analytics for Android.

When you integrate Mixpanel into your iPhone, iPad, or Android mobile apps, you gain the ability to answer complex questions in seconds. Plenty of free analytics tools give you a cursory look at mobile app usage, but Mixpanel is uniquely qualified to help you dive into your data, answering your business's most pressing questions and driving user engagement.

Example questions Mixpanel can answer

Any question you can ask about data,
Mixpanel can answer.


How many visitors that search for
flights end up booking a hotel room
that is 3 stars or better?


How many messages are sent per month
to women under 30 with college degrees?


What % of users try our music discovery
feature, then return 4 weeks later to listen
to music on our iPhone app?

Free analytics tools -
You get what you pay for.

There are as many free analytics tools as there are websites, and most are great for a company just getting started. As your company grows, however, so do the complexity of the questions employees begin asking. Free tools limit you to canned reports. Instead, use Mixpanel to answer complex questions quickly. You'll be surprised by what you learn about your customers.

Web / Mac & Windows
And whatever comes next ...

iPhone, iPad, Android...
Ready for today, and
whatever comes next.

In just the last few years, there has been an incredible change in the devices people use to work and relax. You spend enough time making new apps for each device. Take comfort in knowing that Mixpanel is always a step ahead, ensuring compatibility with all current and future devices.

Getting started takes less than 10 minutes.

If you get stuck, our smart and fast support team can help at no extra cost.