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3 updates we’ve made to Dashboards to improve workflows across teams
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3 updates we’ve made to Dashboards to improve workflows across teams

Last edited: Feb 25, 2022 Published: Jan 10, 2022
Katie Siu Senior Product Designer @ Mixpanel

After 10 years of working alongside product teams, we’ve found the most successful teams are constantly—and collectively—questioning their assumptions, iterating, and sharing their findings cross-functionally.

Because of all this, two things product teams prioritize today are workflow and accessibility: “How easily can the various members of my team get all the data and analysis they need in front of them in one place?”

“If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go together.”

We’re releasing three updates to address how product teams have evolved over the last decade, making it easier for teams to make decisions with the help of data.

  • We’ve made Dashboards the center of Mixpanel → A simpler and better reports analysis workflow
  • Report permissions controls are now in the Dashboard → Easily share anything with anyone
  • All saved reports will belong to a Dashboard → Quickly find your most important reports and Dashboards

Improving the Dashboard-report dynamic

From startups on the cusp of taking off to large established corporations, a wide variety of fast-moving teams use Mixpanel.

We noticed people new to Mixpanel had a hard time knowing where to start, and larger teams were accumulating reports in their project’s background, making finding, sharing, and understanding those reports increasingly more difficult.

Our updates to how Dashboards and reports work include:

A better reports workflow

To improve how reports are created and organized in Mixpanel, we’ve made Dashboards the center of analysis. Now, you can create reports within any dashboard—to answer your questions without losing context.

This new Dashboards organization isn’t just faster and easier, it also provides better context for analysis by helping to ensure that all related reports are grouped together to tell a full story of your data. This creates a safeguard against misinterpreting any individual reports.

Sharing is simpler

Previously, we thought allowing Dashboards and reports to have their own unique set of permissions would be helpful, but it turned out to overcomplicate things. Teams were having difficulty collaborating because they were unintentionally creating dashboards from reports with conflicting sets of permissions.

Now, permissions are on the Dashboard level and all reports created on the Dashboard will share the same permissions. Sharing made simpler.

Easily find any report

We noticed often reports are saved unnamed, inevitably lost, and, as a result, recreated endlessly because it was faster to remake than to retrace their steps in Mixpanel. This made it difficult for teams to stay aligned around reports and Dashboards that mattered most.

To improve visibility and find-ability of every team’s favorite Dashboards and reports, now every saved report will live in a Dashboard.

One last thing…

At Mixpanel, we value our customers and we partner closely with them to create improvements like these.

We’ve come to recognize that product development has changed from baseline KPIs and MVPs to becoming more sophisticated, and we’re happy to continue this journey of adapting alongside our customers.

Thank you to everyone who has opted in to a beta experience, written feedback, or provided suggestions; you’ve all been a part of helping to create this first-in-a-series group of exciting improvements.

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