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Announcing Mobile Dashboards for iPhone

We’ve launched our Mixpanel mobile app so you can monitor your key metrics in one place, everywhere you go. With our iOS app, you can stay up to date on your company’s trends, conversion rates, and retention all in one place. Available free in the App Store.

Everywhere we look, the data shows that mobile is taking over. So we’re putting the world’s most powerful analytics into your pocket with Mixpanel’s Mobile Dashboard app. Download our app for free, and log in with your Mixpanel account.

Mixpanel’s mobile app allows you to create a dashboard of your most important metrics, so you can easily check-in on your business anywhere you go. By easily adding key metrics to your dashboard, your data is available instantly for when you need it on the fly.

When you need important stats for your team’s daily standup meeting, during drinks with an investor, or wherever you are, our app empowers you to be data-driven to get the job done.

Mobile Dashboards are backed with Mixpanel’s powerful analytics: Trends, Funnels, and Retention. Dig deep with total, unique, or average calculations and compare against your historical data with Trends. Analyze where users are dropping off in your app with Funnels. See how often your customers are coming back with Retention.

The Mixpanel app is free in the App Store. All you need is a Mixpanel account. Don’t have one? Get started with Mixpanel now.

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