Camera On: Mixpanel's Mark Johnson - Mixpanel
Camera On: Mixpanel’s Mark Johnson
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Camera On: Mixpanel’s Mark Johnson

Last edited: May 9, 2024 Published: Apr 29, 2024
Mixpanel Team

This is Camera On, where digital builders call in to show us their workspaces and the stuff in them that helps keep them inspired and productive.

How does Mixpanel’s Principal Designer stay in the zone? It’s some mixture of books on type, a very clicky keyboard, and thoughts of hot chicken.

Mark Johnson gives us a virtual tour of his Brooklyn home office, where he keeps a tight ratio of designing new analytics features in Mixpanel to building new Lego trucks at his desk.

“It is fun to have Legos on your desk, and you feel like you’re making something even if you’re sitting around doing nothing.”

Stuff in Mark’s workspace

NuPhy Halo 75 keyboard
ITO Bindery Drawing Pad Black Mount
Caran D ‘Ache Jass White Chalk Pencil
Nueromancer, by William Gibson
Gotico-Antiqua, from Poem Editions

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