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How codeSpark drives its subscription business with user analytics

When codeSpark launched in 2014 they had one mission – to teach young children how to code by turning programming into play. But it wasn’t enough for the subscription-based education company to build a game that kids would love to play.

codeSpark also needed to be able to track, analyze, and measure how students converted from free in-school users to paying at-home subscribers. This is why they implemented Mixpanel’s user analytics before they even launched.

“When my co-founder Joe Shochet and I started codeSpark we preached the importance of understanding customer metrics, engagement metrics, conversion funnels, etc.,” said Grant Hosford, CEO and co-founder. “We implemented Mixpanel specifically to analyze user behavior and the overall health of our product.”

Driving the business

codeSpark’s business goals were twofold: one, keep students engaged with the platform past the one-month mark; and two, encourage free users to convert into paying subscribers (by way of getting parents involved).

“What sets Mixpanel apart from a lot of other analytics providers is how we can define funnels after the fact. For a company focused on understanding the performance of our platform, and the students who use it, being able to analyze different user flows after the fact is a huge advantage.”

Since the early days of codeSpark, to today, the mission-driven company has helped over 20 million kids in 208 countries learn the ABCs of computer science with its flagship app, codeSpark Academy.

Impact of user analytics

Based on the insights learned through Mixpanel, the education company grew the business in the following ways after making changes to its platform:

  • 85% increase in new retention rate from month-one to month-two with user insights
  • 20% increase in lesson completion amongst female users, making codeSpark’s user base more inclusive for male and female players
  • Taught more than 20M students, and counting, around the world
Do you want to learn more in-depth details about how exactly codeSpark used data to drive their business? Read the full case study here. 
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