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Date property filters: Custom cohortize your events

Last edited: Sep 13, 2022 Published: May 27, 2015
Mixpanel Team

Recent updates to date property filters allow enhanced segmentation and cohortization across all of Mixpanel’s Engagement reports. Using date properties you can now create and analyze custom cohorts based entirely on important dates in your user lifecycle.

New filters “on” and “between”

When segmenting by a date property in Mixpanel reports, you will see two new filters, “on” and “between”. These filters allow you to segment and cohortize your users into groups by date properties such as the date they signed up or a range of dates where users converted from free to paid.

Using date filters in Mixpanel reports

With these added abilities to cohortize users by their date properties, you can now more easily create cohorts of users and track their activity over time. For example, for an ecommerce site, you might wish to see how often users who were created 3 months ago return to make repeat purchases.

This granularity can be applied at the level of an entire month of signups, or down to the level of analyzing single days. Maybe you gave out coupons to a group of users who signed up on a specific day last month? You can now create a funnel to see if this is effective in generating purchases by these users.

Using this enhanced filtering across all of Mixpanel’s reports gives you increased ability to track custom cohorts based on any date property.

If you have questions on using these property filters or how to get this up and running in your implementation, email to speak with someone smart, quickly.

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