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Introducing Mixpanel Formulas

We’ve just launched a brand new feature for Mixpanel called Formulas. Formulas
is a powerful tool that allows you to combine and filter events
arithmetically. If you ever wanted to view a trend of two events combined, or
looked at the ratio of one event to another, or even both, then Formulas is
the tool for you. Like always, this is happening in real time, and it will
work retroactively with the data you’re already sending us!

How to use it

You may have noticed the new Formulas icon already on the left.

Clicking on it brings up the Formulas creation interface.

At the top, you can enter a name to save your formula to view later.

In the body, you can select the events that you want to use in your formula.
Selecting an event will also bring up its properties, on which you can filter
further. You can also choose whether you want to count the total number of
events, or count only unique events (counted once per user that sends the

Initially, you can only compute the ratio between two events. Hitting the tab
on the right will expand your view, where you can then add, subtract, or
multiply two events.

Hitting continue will save this formula for you and display the trend.

An example formula

Here’s an example of a formula that we use at Mixpanel:

In our Streams product, we have two tabs, Streams and Users. We send these
respective events anytime a new user goes to view one of these tabs. This
formula lets us view the percentage of unique people that view the Streams
tab. We simply take the streams event, and divide it by the sum of users and
streams events.

We hope formulas will help you understand your data even more. As always, feel
free to contact us at if
you have any questions!

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