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The next evolution of marketing analytics
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The next evolution of marketing analytics

Last edited: Dec 12, 2023 Published: Nov 16, 2023

Mixpanel now supports robust marketing analytics out of the box, enabling marketing and growth teams to gather insights across today’s evolving acquisition channels and collaborate with product teams on a full user journey funnel.

Amir Movafaghi CEO @ Mixpanel

Most companies are built on one fundamental insight. In the case of Mixpanel, that insight is that the event-based data structure is the most powerful, flexible, and intuitive model for all forms of analytics. While this idea is mainstream for product teams, it’s only just crossed the chasm for marketing teams: With the emergence of tools like GA4, the industry is now embracing the event-based model as the future of marketing analytics.

This transition has left many teams dealing with the challenge of managing two event analytics solutions: GA4 for top-of-funnel, acquisition, and web metrics and Mixpanel for conversion, engagement, retention, and app metrics. This outcome wasn’t ideal, and we heard two pain points loud and clear from our customers:

  1. Preference for a single tool that provides visibility into the full user journey funnel (from acquisition to retention to monetization) and across all platforms (web, mobile, backend, etc).
  2. The need to replace GA4 with a more intuitive and reliable solution that tracks key website and acquisition metrics.

Providing full-funnel visibility with Mixpanel Marketing Analytics

This past May, we launched Mixpanel Marketing Analytics to solve the first pain point above. We unlocked the ability to see the down-funnel impact of marketing campaigns so you can truly measure return on ad spend (ROAS). We introduced multi-touch attribution, which enables teams to identify how much different marketing efforts have moved the needle. We overhauled our identity resolution system so that it’s just one line of code to unify logged-out and logged-in traffic, regardless of platform. Finally, we consolidated all of this into a single, one-click template.

Today, marketing and growth teams of all sizes use these features to make informed decisions on which marketing tactics and campaigns to invest in.

“We already used Mixpanel to measure how our customers engage with Uber—ranging from funnel instrumentation to analyzing cohort behavior. Being able to link those insights up with acquisition performance and social marketing to have an end-to-end view is hugely beneficial in making smarter marketing investments.” — Khalid K, Former Growth Leader at Uber

Bringing the power of Mixpanel Marketing Analytics to everyone

While we unlocked a lot of power with the features released in May, we need to from setup to usage, to be 10x easier.

That’s why today we’re launching the best of both worlds—powerful marketing analytics that’s easily accessible in five minutes of setup:

  1. Instant Tracking: With our new Javascript SDK, it only takes one line of code pasted in your website’s header to track every page view, with UTMs and Referrer included as properties out of the box.
  2. Web Analytics Template: After installing our SDK, you can create an easy-to-read dashboard with the essential page and session metrics (Page Views, New Visitors, Time Spent on Pages, Bounce Rate, Traffic Source, and more) out of the box.
  3. Channel Classifier: We automatically bucket common UTMs and Referrers into Channels, which gives you an at-a-glance view of which channels (paid, social, search) are driving the most traffic.
  4. Track Ad Spend: With Warehouse Connectors, you can now codelessly bring in ad spend data from all ad platforms into Mixpanel. This is a point-and-click experience to connect spend with traffic and see which channels are the highest ROI.

Our goal is to provide analytics for everyone, and that’s been made possible with our new solutions that help make the value we offer easily accessible.

“Following the GA4 enforced upgrades, our team struggled with the new UI and lack of default reporting, reducing the visibility of our customer experience. Mixpanel is like a breath of fresh air! The flow and funnel reporting is particularly useful, and we got the whole thing up and running in just a week!” — Daniel C, CTO at Zipabout

You can learn more about how we’re a strong replacement for GA4 here.

Get started in five minutes

We hope you’ll join us in this part of our mission to create analytics for everyone. We’re happy to see that many already have and aren’t bashful in sharing all about the benefits of having powerful, usable, and reliable marketing analytics.

If you want to get started with Mixpanel Marketing Analytics, it only takes five minutes:

  1. Sign up for our generous free plan that offers 20M events per month here
  2. Install our Javascript SDK
  3. Set up the Web Analytics dashboard in two clicks

Seeing is believing, so here’s a walkthrough of how you can implement Mixpanel from scratch and track core web metrics in 5 minutes.

And please feel free to share your feedback with us in our community. Our team is always open to chat 🙂

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