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Get more data sources instantly with Zapier
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Get more data sources instantly with Zapier

Last edited: Mar 1, 2022 Published: Sep 28, 2017
Mixpanel Team

At Mixpanel, we know that tracking user behavior on a single app or website doesn’t provide a complete picture of the customer. Collecting and analyzing more cues from user behavior – like a user’s NPS survey result or a Twitter mention  – can make the difference between seeing user engagement and retention trends and understanding the sentiments that drive them.

We built our Zapier integration with that in mind. By automating data collection from 750+ apps into Mixpanel, the Zapier integration puts hard-to-get data into the hands of teams without the time or technical resources to access it themselves.

“With Mixpanel’s Zapier integration, we can more easily pipe data to and from almost any tool in our stack – without the help of a developer,” says Meghan Semancik, product manager at EasyPark, a company that helps people find and pay for parking.

Mixpanel’s integration with Zapier helps to unify customer profiles by revealing what users do across more properties. In minutes, our users can start tracking events in apps like Twitter, Wootric, SurveyMonkey, Slack, Stripe, Braintree, and more – enhancing the rich behavioral analysis that our customers do regularly. 

Without a single line of code, Mixpanel users can:

Connect any mention of their product on Twitter to the same user’s profile in Mixpanel to analyze customer sentiment and complaints about the product alongside behavior data.

Monitor customer responses to new features on Survey Monkey or Wootric. Then, tie that data to the same user’s profile in Mixpanel to see how user’s explicit feedback squares with their use of the new feature.

Track an event in Mixpanel anytime a customer submits a Zendesk ticket and see how support inquiries about a feature compare with the usage of that feature.

Track a purchase event in Mixpanel with revenue as a property when there’s a charge in Stripe, PayPal, and Braintree. Then use segmentation to see which customer segments are driving business.  

Our customers have started reaping the rewards

Initial users of Mixpanel’s integration with Zapier have seen success minutes after setup. According to Meghan, Mixpanel’s integration with Zapier has made it possible for EasyPark to analyze data from Slack and Delighted, its NPS survey tool.

“Previously, we had two flows in Zapier which post and pull information to and from Mixpanel, but setup required at least a day of dev time. Now that Mixpanel has a Zapier integration, we can set up these flows with minimal, if not zero, dev time. This is extremely useful for our marketing and product teams.

Our first Zapier flow with Mixpanel will pipe data from Typeform into Mixpanel so we can analyze survey results and follow down-funnel in-app actions after surveys are submitted. We’ll trigger emails reminding respondents to finish surveys via Mixpanel. Being able to get data into Mixpanel and then use segmentation to analyze data from other sources makes Mixpanel an even more powerful tool for our team at EasyPark.”

Join EasyPark and many other customers in analyzing customer behaviors across 750+ app integrations – all in Mixpanel.

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