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Mixpanel and Zendesk partner

Last edited: Mar 1, 2022 Published: Jul 24, 2018
Mixpanel Team

We’ve all had a poor customer support experience before: waiting on hold for an hour or repeating your problem to five different agents before finding a solution. Often, we don’t come back. 

According to Zendesk, it takes on average 20 hours to resolve a customer support ticket, and an average of 8 replies from a support agent to resolve a ticket. What if you could cut those numbers in half?

Boost your CSAT score, while closing tickets faster

With the Mixpanel App for Zendesk, hundreds of businesses already have. Support agents who can view user behavior data directly in Zendesk can stay a step ahead of their customers, and, as a result, deliver a better customer experience. Plus, they’ll be more efficient and be able to close tickets faster.

Hala Sawalha, Head of User Support at Hinge, a leading dating platform, has her customer experience team use the app to solve customer problems quickly and efficiently.

“Mixpanel built a seamless integration into our workflow, and continues to be our primary go-to in viewing the metrics, details, and other information necessary to make sure we can be efficient and expeditious in our customer support.”

Polly Applegate, Head of Community at Depop, a global e-commerce app, says that by using the app the support teams can provide more accurate information to engineering and product teams, in addition to closing tickets faster.  

“It gives each agent the valuable insights they need to provide more empathetic and personalized responses and solutions for our customers… and has helped our team in two essential areas: replying to our User inquiries faster, and filing more accurate bug reports and feature requests for our Engineering and Product teams.”

Want to join Hinge, Depop, and the other hundreds of customers who are able to solve customers problems faster and more efficiently? Download the Mixpanel App for Zendesk from the Zendesk App Marketplace, and in just a few clicks you’ll be able to see the ticket requester’s behavior, app version, browser, and more directly in Zendesk. 

Your support teams already have the knowledge–they just need the right tools. Equip them with Mixpanel and Zendesk, so they can surprise and delight your customers. See it in action, and schedule a demo today.

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