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Mixpanel and Braze partner

Last edited: Mar 1, 2022 Published: Sep 4, 2018

We’re excited to announce our integration with one of the 2018 Gartner Magic Quadrant leaders in mobile marketing, Braze. Braze provides customers with cross-platform messaging automation that increases engagement and builds brand loyalty through timely, meaningful interactions. This integration will combine the best of both tools, and supply our mutual customers with more ways to make smart campaign decisions based on user data.

“The new bi-directional integration between Mixpanel and Braze features a dynamic sync across systems, allowing you to use the best of both platforms,” said Kevin Wang, Braze VP of Product. “Data from Braze events is piped to Mixpanel in real-time, and cohorts from Mixpanel are synced back to Braze every two hours, automatically. With this partnership, you can seamlessly incorporate Mixpanel analysis into your Braze campaigns in a simple, automated workflow.”

Putting the integration to work

Discover valuable user groups to target in Mixpanel, and then execute the campaign through Braze. From there, measure campaign results back in Mixpanel and iterate the campaign based on your findings to continuously improve messaging.

Powerful, instant targeting

Mixpanel Cohorts allow you to create a target market out of any actions your users take on your digital properties.

The integration between Mixpanel and Braze features a dynamic sync across the systems every two hours. No more exporting a new cohort every time you want to send a message—instead, your cohort will update in Braze automatically. That means you can automate campaigns and rest assured that the right users will be targeted based on your chosen triggers.

For instance, an entertainment company might create a cohort based on the content viewers have clicked into, but not actually launched. They can then message that cohort as they wrap their latest binge series, right as viewers are looking for their next show, and leave out those who have already discovered a new show on their own.

A best-of-breed feedback loop

Braze’s Currents product automatically sends campaign results back to Mixpanel, so you can gain deep insights into your target cohorts, before and after your campaigns have wrapped. That way, you can use campaign findings to shape future marketing decisions.

Using Mixpanel, you can self-serve answers to questions such as:

  • Which messaging tactics are driving the most downstream retention?
  • Where could messaging help eliminate drop-off?
  • Which categories or features lead to the highest increase in user referrals?
  • Which target markets are the most receptive to my message?

More personalized messaging starts today. To see all our integrations visit: www.mixpanel.com/platform.

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