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Unlock all your data with Warehouse Connectors
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Unlock all your data with Warehouse Connectors

Last edited: Jun 19, 2024 Published: Sep 12, 2023
Amir Movafaghi CEO @ Mixpanel

The best teams don’t just care about the quality of their work; they care about the impact of their work. But measuring exactly which sprints or campaigns move the needle on business outcomes has never been easy. The biggest challenge is that data at companies usually lives in different places. For example, you might have your product usage data in Mixpanel while your marketing and revenue data is in the data warehouse.

With our new Warehouse Connectors, we’re changing this. Now you can get our self-serve analytics on all the company data in your warehouse and make Mixpanel your company scoreboard for metrics that factor every team and corner of the org. One of my favorite parts is that connecting Mixpanel with your warehouse can be done right in our UI without writing a single line of code.

“Warehouse Connectors allows us to seamlessly integrate Mixpanel with enriched data from BigQuery. This helps us unlock new insights without adding technical overhead transporting data between two systems.”
Pasha Putra – Data Science Lead at Zalora

When you connect product and marketing data with business outcomes data like revenue totals or customer satisfaction, you can get answers to company impact questions in Mixpanel:

  • Did our ad spend increase in Europe last month correlate with increased activated users this month?
  • What percent of our revenue came from users who saw the new checkout experience?
  • How did support tickets decrease with this latest UX improvement?
An example of a Mixpanel Funnel report that tracks how many users viewed a piece of marketing content and went on to become paying customers.

Mixpanel vs. BI

When business data can be pulled into Mixpanel, it may be confusing how Mixpanel differs from business intelligence (BI) tools that already operate on warehouse data.

Put simply, Mixpanel is optimal for analysis, and BI is optimal for reporting. Traditional BI is great for standard reporting on key business metrics, such as a weekly report on net profit margin or quarter-to-date sales performance. While this reporting provides a snapshot of data, it’s difficult to go beyond the surface to uncover patterns, relationships, and deeper insights within the data.

Mixpanel provides the missing analysis interface for the data warehouse. It helps everyone ask question after question of their data until they arrive at an actionable insight about their customers. How long does it take users to convert in our signup funnel? How does that change if they see a marketing touchpoint? What actions do they take immediately after signing up? While deep analysis could take hours of wrangling SQL for even tenured data specialists, anyone can slice and dice their data in seconds like an expert with Mixpanel.

Pricing that encourages adoption

Most analytics tools and databases charge per seat or per query—or worse, both. Mixpanel does neither. This means you don’t spend time wrangling seats, and you don’t have to worry about everyone in your company building reports. Instead, you can encourage it!

This model is made possible by our purpose-built database designed for cost-efficiency. And it’s fast: for complex funnel and retention charts, Mixpanel executes queries in seconds—even at the scale of billions of events. When speed and pricing aren’t blockers, teams can ask unlimited questions of their data without dragging their timelines or punishing their budgets. Data democratization doesn’t have to come at a steep cost.

And if you’re worried that event imports with Warehouse Connectors will drive up your warehouse bill, rest assured. Under the hood, our connector leverages partitions and a simple watermarking system, which keeps syncing costs extremely low.

Looking ahead

Warehouse Connectors for Snowflake, BigQuery, and Redshift are available now, with additional support for more warehouses coming soon. For more information on how to get started, check out our docs.

In the coming months, we’ll be sharing major releases that reinforce our mission of building analytics for everyone. While Warehouse Connectors creates the foundation of complete, trusted data for analysis, our next steps are to help everyone tap into that wealth of data. We’re investing in powerful ways to better slice data for more use cases while simultaneously making Mixpanel easier to use for widespread adoption.

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