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Accounting platform, Gekko, uses Mixpanel to track user behavior across web, mobile, and tablet to build a better experience—increasing conversions by 71%.

58% higher signup rate
71% increase in conversion rate for paid users
Cross-platform analytics tracked

With a mission to make the life of freelancers and independent professionals easier by saving them time on admin tasks, Gekko has created an easy-to-use accounting platform for mobile apps. Founded in 2013, Gekko now serves over 80K users and has offices in Amsterdam and Barcelona. Through its “freemium” model, users can get started with Gekko easily, and then upgrade to a premium account as they use more of its features.


Having a product that’s active on web, mobile, and tablet, Gekko needed a better solution to track how users switch between those platforms and what actions they were taking. It also wanted a way to implement and test experiments in their product, particularly on mobile. Finally, Gekko wanted to improve their conversion rates.


By implementing Mixpanel, Gekko sees exactly when a user is active across any given platform–a standard offering for Mixpanel that the company couldn’t do with other analytics products previously. 

Improving conversions

Having used Mixpanel to better understand its customer flow and acquisition process across platforms, Gekko noticed that many potential users who downloaded its app dropped off when it was time to provide their personal details to create an account. Based on these findings, they created an A/B test focused on text and layout to see how they could improve conversions. They set up the test in one day, and within two weeks they found that a new design worked better than the original. After rolling out the new design, they were able to drive a 58% increase in signups.

Sending targeted messages

Wanting to improve its customer touchpoints, Gekko uses Mixpanel to reach new and existing users with targeted messages at the right time in the right place. For example, if they send a new user an email, they can see if that person is active on the platform. If the user is active, they send a follow-up email a week later pointing them to certain features in the product. If the person isn’t active on the platform, they can send a reminder email to sign up. Through Mixpanel, Gekko can automatically send specific emails to specific users with specific calls-to-action instead of bothering them with irrelevant messaging. 

Mixpanel enables Gekko to make the best decisions based on real data to improve the overall growth. As well now Gekko can easily show users only the most relevant messages based on their actions.

Julius Heyning, Growth & Strategy Director at Gekko

Through cross-platform analytics, A/B tests, and real-time messaging, Gekko saw strong results with Mixpanel. In addition to a 58% higher signup rate, the company increased conversion rates for its paid user base by 71%. 


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