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Hosting company, GoDaddy, uses Mixpanel daily to get deep insights about its customers to increase adoption of its GoCentral products.

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With 18.5 million customers worldwide, GoDaddy is the place people come to name their idea, build a professional website, attract customers and manage their work. GoDaddy empowers everyday entrepreneurs around the world by providing all of the help and tools to succeed online.


In 2017, GoDaddy launched GoCentral to help customers easily design and launch professional websites. With such a massive scale, GoDaddy had no lack of data to experiment with feature releases and determine optimal product layouts. GoDaddy wanted to deploy an analytics strategy that gave them the speed and flexibility they needed to answer questions about GoCentral’s performance on the fly.


“With Mixpanel at everyone’s fingertips, GoDaddy has built a culture of experimentation where we put our customers first.”

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Nissim Lehyani, Senior Director of Product Management at GoDaddy, knew whatever analytics solution the team chose wouldn’t be successful unless it had strong adoption. Nissim had his team test various options and saw that Mixpanel was the clear preference. Mixpanel’s ability to run detailed queries across millions of data points in a fraction of a second set it apart because it meant that, even as GoCentral’s user base grew, the team could still get answers to their questions right away.

Determining the optimal product layout

To determine the best way to display features, Nissim’s team creates cohorts of customers, then runs reports on which features help to keep these customers engaged and active online. Based on these findings, they adjust the GoCentral layout to highlight features that perform well. By making these sticky features easier to find, the team is able to replicate the behavior of their most active GoCentral customers.

Optimizing new feature releases

Because Mixpanel allows GoDaddy to track and analyze data in real-time, Nissim’s team often course-corrects and experiments with newly shipped features essentially as they are launching. “It’s one of the many benefits of having over 18 million customers,” Nissim says. For instance, on the same day as the launch, one product manager spotted an opportunity to improve the experience based on the live behavior of customers. With the amount of traffic GoDaddy gets, catching opportunities to enhance the experience early is critical.

Strengthening teams with data

By putting the power of analytics in everyone’s hands, GoDaddy has strengthened its product teams, where data-fueled discussion informs everything. GoDaddy makes a point of incorporating qualitative assessment in with their metrics, continuously verifying that their data is leading them in the right direction.


Having seen success optimizing its website and features with Mixpanel, GoDaddy is looking forward to implementing Mixpanel across its mobile apps. With teams informed by data, Mixpanel will continue to guide them as they look to build out more features to delight and inspire their customers.

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