Why choose Mixpanel vs. Amplitude?

Top-tier analytics without a steep learning curve. Mixpanel makes understanding users effortless, with powerful journey analysis in an easy-to-learn design.

Analytics your team will actually use

Spend your time figuring out what to ask, not how to ask it.

Mixpanel—got way better than AmplitudeNikita B.Founder of Gas
Gotta give it to Mixpanel for making setting up metrics painless, quick and easy.Andrew T.Senior Software Engineer at Meta
I’m pretty shocked at how much easier Mixpanel is to use than Amplitude.Charlie W.Founder of Ramen Club

UX that’s delightful instead of painful

With only 4 core reports to learn and one collaborative workspace, Mixpanel’s intuitive design accelerates your team exploring data and making better decisions together. Analytics doesn’t have to be a chore.


Go deeper in understanding your users

Not only can you get started faster with our easy design, you can also dig deeper. Compare paths between users who convert vs. drop off, segment by frequent power users, analyze who did not do an action — answer these critical questions only in Mixpanel.


Easily maintain clean data

Data-driven only works if the data is correct. From enriching events with your CRM data via Lookup Tables, to stitching actions across devices from pre- to post-login via identity management, it’s easier to maintain unified, trusted data with Mixpanel.


Built for teams

Keep teams in sync with collaborative boards and analytics built for multi-player. When everyone is looking at the same metrics, decision-making becomes effortless, empowering all to drive impact.

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