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Replace Flurry with an easy-to-use interface that doesn’t run into data accuracy issues — get started for $20 a month with just 5 minutes setup. Plus, limited time offer: 10% off the enterprise plan.

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track app performance

Measure what matters — fast

Measuring your mobile app performance shouldn’t be complicated — that’s why it takes only a couple minutes to get the essential metrics, like Page Views, Bounce Rate, Traffic Source and more, in one easy-to-read dashboard. We’ve made it simple to understand your audience and analyze acquisition, behavior, and conversion metrics.

accurate, real-time metrics

Get reliable insights from spot-on data

Your analysis is only as good as the data you track, which is why we ensure your metrics are telling the most up-to-date, accurate story of your website. Our Anonymous User Identification and Ad Blocker Workaround solutions help you bypass the data inaccuracy issues you’ll run into with Flurry.

powerful analysis

Answer more questions

Simple is nice, but you need to be able to dig deep into your data to discover the insights that drive change. With Mixpanel, you can answer in depth questions about your conversion funnels and user page navigation — Flurry lacks the power to help you reach these important insights.

simple implementation

Setup Mixpanel in three easy steps

Sign up for our generous free plan, paste our one line JavaScript SDK into your site code, and setup our Web Analytics Board in two clicks – that’s all there is to it to start analyzing your website performance. Plus, we have a rockstar support team to help you reach success.

Frequently Asked Questions
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