The only product analytics you’ll ever need

Understand your users’ behaviors better
Quickly segment and visualize your data
Measure the success of your product launches
Collect accurate data

Understand your users’ behavior better

Get real-time data on how people use your product that’s easy to understand. Plus, define KPIs like “onboarding completed,” based on key events like “account created, profile created, and 3+ messages sent.”

Identify Trends

Find trends in your data

Once you’re tracking the metrics that matter to your team, see how KPIs trend over time. Maybe you discover that the onboarding rate is dropping, which signals there’s room to improve.

Understand the why

Metrics are trending, now find out why

When your team sees a certain behavior trending in your product, like lower onboarding rates, dig into the data or use our automated analysis to learn why.

Build better products