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Mixpanel Collective

Partner Program

The Mixpanel Collective Solution Partner Program is an investment we make in our diverse ecosystem of trusted partners to help them grow their businesses and provide exceptional analytics strategy and Mixpanel expertise to their clients.

Become a Partner

If you’d like to learn more about other trusted partners within our global network, please reach out to Mixpanel Partnerships at

Why partner with Mixpanel

Partner with an industry leader

Leverage the leading user analytics platform that has unmatched product velocity and best-in-breed technology to enable potential and existing clients to answer the most complex questions.

Grow your business

Engage in co-marketing opportunities, partner closely with our team for qualified customer introductions and commercial incentives, and build robust services offerings around Mixpanel.

Become an analytics expert

Gain expertise in analytics strategy, in implementation design, and in the modern technology stack through our unrivaled enablement program and Mixpanel certification tracks.

Program Benefits & Requirements

Membership period is 6 months. Tier status is subject to review at the end of every membership period.

Mixpanel Collective

Certified Partner

Individuals and/or organizations demonstrating proficiency in understanding Mixpanel’s value proposition, implementation approach, and core platform functionality.

Mixpanel Collective

Gold Partner

Highly trained organizations demonstrating ongoing commitment to their Mixpanel practice and driving innovation through product analytics.

Mixpanel Collective

Platinum Partner

Organizations that have achieved the highest level of Mixpanel mastery, possessing scalable practices capable of delivering tactical to transformational services for customers of all sizes.

Certified Solution Partner Gold Solution Partner Platinum Solution Partner
Website Logo And Mixpanel Partner Badge Badge Only
Paid Support
Partner-Specific Communications
Access To Mixpanel Partner Portal
Access To Mixpanel Partner University
Fully Featured Demo Workspace
Early Access To New Features/Betas
Dedicated Partner Manager
Opportunity For In-Person Enablement Workshops
Bi-Annual Product Roadmap Session
Co-Marketing Opportunities
Access To Market Development Fund (MDF)
Preference For Attachment To Mixpanel-Led Service Opportunities 3rd 2nd 1st
Inclusion Of Collateral In Enablement Programs For Mixpanel Go-To-Market Teams
Annual Executive Business Review With Mixpanel Leadership
Requirements (General)
Signed Partner Agreement
Bi-Annual Business Reviews To Track Progress Against Practice Goals
Nominated Executive Sponsor To Engage with Mixpanel
Requirements (Sales)
Qualified Opportunities (Sourced) 3 5
Minimum Partner Bookings USD $50K USD $100K
Requirements (Services)
# of Mixpanel Certified Users 2 5 10
Minimum # of Customer Satisfaction Survey (C-SAT) Responses 1 3
How to get started

Path to Partnership

step 1


Fill out our dedicated Partner Application Form, and one of our Partner Managers will be in touch with you directly.

step 2


If qualified, begin program certification (go-to-market, implementation, insights) through Mixpanel Partner University.

step 3


Become a certified partner! Start solving complex customer problems and grow your Mixpanel partnership.