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Benchmarks report 2024, the latest trends in product analytics

Explore product benchmarks by industry and put your own performance in perspective. See what good versus great performance looks like in key areas like Growth, Engagement, Retention, and Marketing performance. Use our Company KPIs template to see how you measure up directly.
April Product Updates

Innovation in progress

Here are some of our latest product investments to make analytics powerful and trustworthy while being easier than ever to use.


Warehouse Connectors, now available for everyone

You can now bring warehouse data into Mixpanel for powerful self-serve analysis on trusted product, revenue, marketing data, and more. No code required to implement warehouse data in minutes.


Our brand new, simpler to use Menus

We’ve updated the Event Menu and Property Menu (shown in picture) to make the experience simpler and get you to value faster. For example, all of your properties are now categorized so you can quickly find what you’re looking for.


Quickly and easily find the right data, with Event Context

You can now see rich context about an event, such as images, frequent users, related reports, or event owners. Spend less time wondering if you're analyzing the right data.


Faster workflows with new Insight Improvements

We get a lot of appreciation for Mixpanel's easy-to-use design, and improvements over the years is by focusing on small updates to make it faster and more intuitive. These are the new additions to our Insights report that help you answer questions more effectively.
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