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Intro to Mixpanel

Watch a 30-minute introductory lesson on Mixpanel. We’ll walk you through baselining active users, testing and iterating workflow hypotheses, and uncovering your stickiest users. Discover the fundamentals and finer points of how your users interact with your product.

We’ll introduce you to:

What questions
can you answer with
Mixpanel, and how?

Understand user behavior
with product analytics.

Group 3792

Who’s having an
a-ha moment inside
my product?

Identify and report your product’s
active users.

Group 3793

Which user segments
are converting most?

Map conversion to understand which
paths drive critical outcomes.

Group 3790

Which users are
coming back again
and again?

Visualize retained users and
identify churn risks.

Group 3796
Group 3792
Group 3793
Group 3790
Group 3796

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