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Mixpanel is designed for analyzing raw user event stream data at scale, without any pre-computation. Our infrastructure ingests trillions of events per year and returns high-volume queries in seconds, making it the tool of choice for high-growth companies like Uber and Viber.

Purpose-built product
analytics infra
No compromises on
latency or throughput
Flexible, ad hoc
segmentation in seconds

Purpose-built for event analysis at scale

Mixpanel's foundation is a high-performance database called "Arb." It enables arbitrary queries on raw user event streams and cuts out the hassle of pre-computation. Customers like Expedia, Uber, STARZ and Skyscanner use it to analyze some of the largest datasets in the world.

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Mixpanel’s ability to run detailed queries across millions of data points in a fraction of a second sets it apart. As our user base grew, the team could still get answers to their questions right away.

Nissim Lehyani Senior Director of Product Management

Optimized for latency and throughput

If you have millions of users and track their experience in detail, that creates a lot of data. Mixpanel supports high-volume import from your data warehouse and low-latency streaming from your digital properties, so you can scale without compromise.

Fun Fact

A customer once ingested 95 billion events into Mixpanel in a single month. If we were still in 1982, that would be enough to fill 131,944,444 floppy disks!


Slice and dice at high-volume, in seconds

Understanding why user behaviors change requires answering a series of unplanned questions in succession. Mixpanel's data schema makes ad hoc segmentation both flexible and fast. To maintain speed on queries with billions of data points, we offer query-time sampling.

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