What customers say
“The ability to select subsets of events, and then divide them out by country or game or whether the users are logged in: it’s simply incredible.”

Emmett Shear   CEO, Twitch, an Amazon company

Analytics for every mile of your roadmap

What will you build next to grow?

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Get started in minutes

You product is out in the world, and you cannot wait on tracking to make improvements. Track actions on mobile and web, all with minimal code. Implementation on any platform from web and mobile takes less than a day, not weeks or months.

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Powerful reporting

Every team in your organization can effortlessly build, visualize, and save custom reports. From product to data and marketing teams, get instant answers to any question, from where users drop-off to how different regions behave.

Predict the future

Mixpanel’s machine learning algorithms work for you, even while you’re sleeping, so you never miss a meaningful change in your metrics. Our platform detects anomalies in your data and sends you timely notifications to alert you to act.

Experiment to find the right customer experience

A data-driven product can be the difference between a lifelong customer and a missed opportunity. With Mixpanel, we help you continually iterate on your product and customer experience to improve customer stickiness and drive up retention.