What customers say
"In just 30 days, we gained deep insight into where our users are going and what to build next. I can rely on Mixpanel’s team—they deliver in every way!"

Fortune 1000 Media & Entertainment Company

Analytics for every mile of your roadmap

How fast can you discover and deliver what your audience wants?

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Get started in minutes

Automatically collect everything and retroactively track anything on the web, from page and ad views to premium subscription clicks—all without a developer. Mixpanel’s cross-platform implementation takes less than a day and is easy to update on a regular basis.

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Powerful reporting for every team

Every team in your organization can effortlessly build, view, and save custom reports. Get instant answers to any question, from ad bounce rates to up-to-the-second headline performance.

Predict the future

With millions of viewers visiting your product, it’s hard to know where to focus. Mixpanel’s machine learning platform helps you target your efforts by showing you which features and content are succeeding and which are lagging.

Experiment to find the right product experience

Where and how you show content can make the difference between a loyal consumer and one who immediately bounces. Mixpanel helps you continually iterate on your product and customer experience to grow your audience and deepen engagement.