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Introducing Session Replay: Bringing qualitative insights to Mixpanel
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Introducing Session Replay: Bringing qualitative insights to Mixpanel

Last edited: May 14, 2024 Published: May 13, 2024
Tiffany Chen Product Marketing @ Mixpanel

We’re excited to announce Mixpanel Session Replay is now available in beta. Level up your customer understanding by combining quantitative analyses with qualitative insights using replays of real user journeys.

People know and love Mixpanel for easy, fast access to customer journey data at the aggregated level. Today, we’re making it even easier to zoom in and literally see how individuals move through your product. No need to tediously switch between different tools for charts and session replays or to rely solely on one-on-one interviews to see where customers get stuck.

Mixpanel Session Replay is the fastest way to understand the whole picture about your customers and make more informed product decisions.

Mixpanel Session Replay

Improve conversions by understanding the why

When digging into customer journeys in Mixpanel’s analytics tools, you can get the answer to “Where do customers drop off?” Mixpanel Session Replay enables you to quickly follow that up with an answer to “Why do customers drop off?”

Let’s look at an example progression:

  • With Mixpanel Funnels, you see a sharp decline in completed purchases for users in a new checkout experience.
  • You pinpoint that many users drop off at the payment page in the checkout funnel.
  • In one smooth flow, “zoom in” from the chart into the session replay of an individual user who dropped off, and see their confusion with payment options and frustration with errors in their address form.
  • These quantitative and qualitative insights help drive your team’s decision to improve the payment process in order to increase checkout completion rate.
How Session Replay integrates with Funnel reports in Mixpanel
You can quickly access a filtered playlist of Replays that you care about, directly from a Funnel report.

Drive faster alignment with real customer stories

It’s difficult to unite teams on how to prioritize what to build next. (It’s why we’ve made collaboration a core principle of Mixpanel.) If a picture is worth a thousand words, a session replay can be worth a thousand data points for rallying your team around real customer problems.

With Mixpanel Session Replay, you can not only utilize data to show user challenges at scale, but also make the problem real with visual customer stories. Pair suffering conversion rates with real user sessions of rage clicks and frenzied scrolls to make your point. It’s never been easier to champion the voice of the customer.

“Session Replay will improve our storytelling, easily sharing qualitative insights to be digested by other stakeholders and leaders.”

Massimiliano Musina, UX Quad Lead, Customer Portal Experience, Elavon EU

Rest easy with enterprise-grade privacy and security

With Mixpanel’s Session Replay feature, enterprise-grade data protection is the default. Handling user data requires the utmost care, so we’ve built our Session Replay to ensure maximum privacy. We offer everything from automatically masking screen elements by default to robust security protocols dictating which settings cannot be overwritten.

Plus, Mixpanel’s privacy and security measures are industry-leading, so you can have peace of mind that your customer data is always safe.

Try Mixpanel Session Replay today

Mixpanel Session Replay is available in beta today. If you’re interested in getting started, sign up here or reach out to your account team.

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