Introducing Session Replay

Combine qualitative and quantitative data to see the whole picture. Analyze user behavior at scale, then zoom in on individual sessions to complete your customer understanding.

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Session Replay will improve our storytelling, easily sharing qualitative insights to be digested by other stakeholders and leaders. Massi Musina, Assistant Vice President of Customer Success, Elavon

Boost conversions

Uncover where and why users drop-off. Identify problem areas and make targeted adjustments quickly.

Drive alignment with stories

Align your team on customer pain points with visual stories of what happened. Don’t just share the conversion drop-off rate. Instead, pair it with real replays that show rage clicks and frenzied scrolls.

Rest easy with data security

Get top-tier privacy and data protection with Mixpanel Session Replay. We provide enterprise-grade privacy and security features, like always masking sensitive data.

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