We’re expanding eligibility for Mixpanel for Startups and introducing a free Company KPIs Dashboard Template - Mixpanel
We’re expanding eligibility for Mixpanel for Startups and introducing a free Company KPIs Dashboard Template
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We’re expanding eligibility for Mixpanel for Startups and introducing a free Company KPIs Dashboard Template

Last edited: Nov 28, 2022 Published: Jul 20, 2022
Neil Rahilly VP Product & Design @ Mixpanel

We’ve reached a major milestone: After only two years, more than 1,000 startups have graduated from Mixpanel for Startups and continue to use Mixpanel. Thank you to everyone who has participated in the program—it’s rewarding to be part of so many startups’ journeys!  

If you aren’t familiar with the program, it helps startups find product-market fit faster by giving them up to $50,000 in free credits a year, worth up to 430 million monthly events—more than double the number offered by comparable programs.  

In light of this milestone and in response to growing economic uncertainty, we are excited to share that we’re expanding eligibility for Mixpanel for Startups, and introducing a free new Company KPIs Dashboard Template with nine out-of-the-box, fully customizable reports that make it easy for companies to measure engagement, retention, and growth metrics. 

Mixpanel for Startups

Even in the best conditions, very few startups make it. Product analytics can help by showing companies what is and isn’t working with their websites and apps, what to prioritize, and what to invest in. That’s why we introduced Mixpanel for Startups in 2020, and in just two years, have given $25 million in free credits to startups. 

As of today, any company less than five-years-old that has raised up to $8 million is now eligible and can apply for the program

Startups in the program receive:

  • $50,000 in credits toward the Mixpanel Growth Plan
  • Credits worth 430 million monthly events
  • Unlimited access to Cohorts, data modeling, and email support

One of our Mixpanel for Startups graduates is May, a Paris headquartered healthtech app. More than 100,000 soon-to-be parents have used May to connect with pediatricians, midwives, and pediatric nurses since its launch in 2020. 

May uses Mixpanel to better understand how customers use its product and make more informed decisions about its product roadmap, which has resulted in monthly user growth of more than 10 percent and a doubling in user retention. Being able to easily capture and visualize growth metrics also supported May’s pitch to investors during Q2 2022, helping the app secure $3.3 million in additional funding. 

“Before Mixpanel, we made decisions based on conversations with users. Now we have dashboards measuring metrics like conversion, user growth, and stickiness,” said May Co-Founder Antoine Creuzet. “Mixpanel is an absolutely critical tool—it gives us invaluable insights into what our users want, which has helped us find product-market fit faster and made fundraising much easier.”

By expanding eligibility, we want to help more startups like May succeed. To apply, please visit the Mixpanel for Startups application page. If you are an existing Mixpanel customer using a different plan and would like to consider transitioning to the Mixpanel for Startups plan, please email startupprograminquiries@mixpanel.com

Company KPIs Dashboard Template

Today, all Mixpanel customers have access to the free new Company KPIs Dashboard Template. It offers nine out-of-the-box, fully customizable reports that companies can immediately use to measure key growth, engagement, and retention metrics, and answer questions like:

  • How many users are experiencing value in my product?
  • Who are my most engaged users?
  • Which channels generate the most sign-ups?
  • How many of my engaged users come back?

Product analytics tools like Mixpanel simplify data queries and analysis. However, most product analytics tools require creating some kind of tracking plan to start gaining useful insights. With the Company KPIs Dashboard Template, we have streamlined the process down to four clicks. You now only need to input two sessions—one key signup event (ex. account registration) and one key value moment event (ex. purchase)—to access nine fully customizable reports. And a new feature, called Mixpanel Primers, helps you hit the ground running by providing how-to’s for interpreting the reports, as well as explanations for why certain metrics matter and what “good” looks like.

Mixpanel's company KPI template that quickly explains how to access relevant data.

Startups can use the dashboard like May to wow potential investors with key growth, engagement, and retention metrics at their fingertips. While we encourage you to go deeper into Mixpanel’s capabilities, the template provides a great starting point. To learn more about the Company KPIs Dashboard Template, please read this blog post. Mixpanel for Startups and the Company KPIs Dashboard Template are great examples of the work we’re doing to help our customers uncover insights and build better products.

If you have any questions about either, please don’t hesitate to reach out.

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