Mixpanel Marketing Analytics

Inform your marketing strategy with powerful data analysis. With Mixpanel, you can combine marketing & product data to understand the full user journey and measure the effectiveness of all your marketing efforts.

session & page metrics

Learn how users engage with your website

Track key website metrics, like total page views and bounce rate, to understand if your website content is valuable and engaging — use these insights to inform website strategy and content direction.

Ad Campaign Performance Metrics

Measure your return on ad spend

Direct your ad spend to high-impact marketing efforts by measuring metrics like clicks, impressions, cost-per-click and return-on-ad-spend to gain insight into the effectiveness of your ad campaigns.

replace google analytics

Upgrade your analytics from GA4

Measure the same metrics as Google Analytics and dig deeper into your data with Mixpanel. It’s simple to switch and start benefiting from superior analysis power, data governance, and collaboration tools.


Find your most effective touchpoints

Optimize your marketing spend by learning which steps along the journey to conversion are the most influential with a comprehensive selection of attribution models.

Resources to get you started
migration guide
Migrating from Google Analytics

A step-by-step guide to migrating off of Google Analytics to Mixpanel

Guide to Marketing Analytics

Understand full user journey metrics that truly measure the impact of marketing

Marketing Metrics Template

A ready-to-use marketing analytics template that gets you started quickly

migration guide
Google Tag Manager

It's quick and simple to switch to Mixpanel using our Google Tag Manager template

Page View Tracking

It only takes a minute of setup to start auto-tracking page views

Explore a Mixpanel Board

Take a self-guided walkthrough of how to use Mixpanel for marketing analytics

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