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Modern marketing analytics: Understanding the full user journey

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May 10, 2024
Aug 3, 2023
The five pieces of modern marketing analytics are Foundation, Engagement, Discovery, Retention, and Scaling

Build a strong marketing analytics foundation 

How can you identify the metrics that measure success?

How can you lean into the value moment conversion?

Examples of products and the value moments they track to measure user success
An example of a user behavior funnel within in a product

How can you build your marketing strategy around the funnel?

How can you align foundational goals between teams?

Examples of metrics that different teams at an ecommerce company might track

Understand your channel performance

What can you glean from an initial website visit?

Why does real-time campaign performance matter?

What are the benefits of tracking an audience across different touchpoints?

A quote from Uber Carshare Growth Marketing Team Leader Keal Wilson: "We could look at what people were doing on the website but we couldn't compare that to what they were doing in the app. We didn't know how their initial experiences would affect their lifetime value."

How can you support audience tracking with product analytics?

How can you align audience engagement goals between teams?

Understand the full user journey.

Get to know your audience

How does data tell a story?

What does the value moment conversion tell you?

A quote from KKday product manager Sherry Shih: "Before Mixpanel, we didn't have the complete map of our user journey. Now that we have visibility, we can segment our users according to their behavior and better target them."

How can you connect the dots between your best channels and best users?

An example of a Retention report in Mixpanel

How can you align audience goals between teams?

Retain your users

How can you develop a customer marketing strategy?

What do your best customers have in common?

A quote from Ticketmaster Senior Software Engineer Christopher Vezzuto: We can more easily recognize the strengths and weaknesses of our product and continue to deliver a great experience to out clients."

How can you build a strategy around customer value?

How can you align retention goals between teams?

Analytics for everyone.

Grow and scale

How does marketing strategy change as the company matures?

Explore new channels

A/B testing

Rapid iteration

What tools can enhance a marketing strategy at scale?

Data collection and analytics

Ad metrics and cross-channel marketing

Engagement and targeted campaigns

How can you align your team around growth marketing metrics?


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