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The power of attribution + product analytics: Get a full view of the customer lifecycle.

A / B Testing / Experimentation, Advertising, Attribution / Deep Linking, Data Privacy / Compliance, Messaging and Marketing Automation
Events into Mixpanel, Support of Mixpanel's EU Servers

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About Adjust

Adjust is the mobile marketing analytics platform trusted by growth-driven marketers around the world, with solutions for measuring and optimizing campaigns and protecting user data. Adjust powers thousands of apps with built-in intelligence and automation, backed by responsive global customer support.

Adjust and Mixpanel

Attribution Data into Mixpanel:
Adjust captures valuable mobile user attribution data that are sent to Mixpanel in real time.

Actionable insights on your customer journey:
Using Adjust’s attribution data, Mixpanel customers are able to have a deeper understanding on how users from different sources are behaving and navigating their application.


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Use cases

  • Adjust’s integration with Mixpanel can help you do the following:

    – Understand where users are coming from – Know what exactly makes users engage – Track the full user journey from click to churn to reinstall – Test different campaign strategies and make reactive changes in real-time – Automate repetitive tasks – Prevent fraud from skewing your data sets and eating up your budgets