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Batch allows you to boost user engagement through meaningful communication experiences.

Messaging and Marketing Automation
Events into Mixpanel, Support of Mixpanel's EU Servers

About Batch

Batch ( is the enterprise market leader in push notifications: we help marketers deliver meaningful communication experiences in a world where engagement has dramatically complexified. Our 1-click opt-in engagement technology works across 5 million apps & 2 billon websites and can be seamlessly connected with every other leading Martech solution. It’s time to keep pushing!

Batch and Mixpanel

Using the Batch x Mixpanel integration lets you track all Batch campaigns inside Mixpanel: this integration works for Mobile push notifications, Web push notifications and In-App messaging campaigns. It will automatically enrich your Mixpanel’s user profiles with Batch campaign performance data so that you can always keep track of a unified customer view. Simple and powerful.

Use cases

  • Use Cases for Integration

    Enrich your user knowledge with CRM & Marketing campaigns events (exposure, reactions…) Track push & In-App conversion